Water is the Fluid of Life

by Gary Scott Wurtz LMP RBT

Water is the fluid of life!

It's your best friend and ally when encouraging physical balance and regeneration. Sufficient water intake significantly increases the body’s ability to heal damaged tissue. Toxins are processed out of the body allowing greater nutrient assimilation. Our basic cells thrive on water and close off when dehydrated.

What is enough water? Water intake varies dependent on your lifestyle. A general rule is this: half your weight in ounces (160 LB person = 80 oz of water per day (cup=8 oz). If you exercise daily, jog or work hard physically, even more water is important.

Water, for your body, is like the oil for your car. It’s all about having the right amount in the right place. In today’s busy demanding world, drinking water seems inconvenient. What most people don’t understand is the correlation between pain and proper physical hydration. On a cellular level, the brain regulates the fluidic flow with specific neurotransmitters. In many books by F. Batmanghelidg M.D. he informs us about how vital proper water intake is for our health, especially about our return to optimal wellness. His research has spanned over thirty years and provides a crucial “wake up” call for common dehydration signs. It is never too late to turn around a habit and begin anew.

The human body is made up of 65% water, the brain 85% water and lungs are 90% water. So what happens in asthma, allergies and other respiratory dysfunctions? The neurotransmitter histamine has increased, signaling a water rationing program within the body. Histamines reduce air inflow by stimulating mucus to plug and protect the bronchioles. Common antihistamine medications seek to reduce histamine production. Therefore, adequate water intake will unilaterally hydrate and rebalance systemic conditions over time.

What is not water? Many liquids contain water, but with other chemical constituents which drain off more than their volume alone. Coffee, Tea, soda and other common commercial beverages act as diuretics, removing extra fluid from the body.

How can I change my water consumption? Support your return to great health with SWAN. Shifting Water Attitudes Now. Changing attitudes supports and quickens your recovery period. Water = Flow. Balanced water intake = freedom to flow. Shifting an attitude changes the importance and balance of maintaining habits. This attitude card aids the conscious shift, complementing graceful change and optimum well-being.