Supporting the Bowenwork Process

by Gary Scott Wurtz LMP, RBT and Nancy Clark LMP, RBT

Bowenwork supports and allows the body’s ability to function naturally.

Bowenwork moves encourage the reawakening of inherent neurological potentials. These potentials allow and support your body’s ability to live naturally in continuous, dynamic and harmonious balance. Nourishing and sustaining this process is what will encourage renewed vitality to manifest. We can then notice each day sparkles with newness and life affirming choices, coming from a vast variety of sources; an endless feast! Paying attention to this process will encourages change within you, allowing shifts and leaps forward.

How do you notice your physical habits? Learned behaviors are sources of what motivates us to eat, sleep, play, think, laugh and cry. With the introduction of Bowenwork to your being, new potentials are stirred and awakened. The mind/body feedback loop will experience change. How these changes become a new behavior for us, is all about first noticing your habits, then be willing to accept and adopt positive change. You will feel shifts happening at many levels. With sustained noticing and support, over time, the body/mind naturally rejuvenates, increasing stamina and function!

Selective nutrition and pure water are also two important elements supporting and encourage positive changes in your body when receiving Bowenwork. Our dietary habits, cultured by family patterns, schedules and a myriad of personal experiences, dynamically affect our Wellness potential. With Bowenwork, simple, small, and gradual adjustments make a world of difference.