Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching enhances you at the most profound and core level of your being. Your journey is being guided and supported to clearly explore your purpose and meaning in life. Transformational Coaching focuses on the questions of “what is the underlying motivation of your purpose, passion, and awakening vision.” When you are aware of core values, you are able to refine your goals clearly and utilize actions effectively. The natural alignments of your being and purpose/vision begin revitalizing your energies and zest for life.

Coaching begins in these simple areas:

  • Defining your vision and purpose in life
  • Aligning your purpose in life with play, meaning and vocation.
  • Seeing the aspects where you are naturally gifted to be at your best
  • Defining what keeps you motivated and where you encounter distractions
  • Inviting change where you are efficient in implementing and carrying out your vision
  • Opening your facilitation skills where they serve with ease and grace.
  • Invite your sense of inspiration to lead, energizing the inner fire to grow

Transformational Coaching Costs: Initial 1.5 Hour Intake $200
Individual Sessions $110

What are benefits of Transformational Coaching?

  • Feelings of Wholeness, Clarity and Creativity
  • Living your life “On Purpose” with vitality from core values
  • Seeing into the old paradigms, letting go of past behaviors and joyously moving forward
  • Anchoring feeling of zestful energy, pure enjoyment, and sustaining fulfillment
  • Balancing your play with work life leading to increased joy, satisfaction and nurturance