Gary Scott Wurtz LMP PBP

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  • AMBP: Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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  • USBR: United States Bowen Registry
  • AABP: American Association of Bowenwork Practitioners

About Gary Scott Wurtz

Gary Scott’s Wurtz expertise is practicing the art of Bowen therapy technique. He deeply listens to your story, to your body, and for ways to clear neural pathways to stimulate wellness and release dysfunction. His role is to best serve your own unique ability for and with healing. “Everyone has the capacity for effervescence, to fully bubble up with your own unique life powers.”

Gary Scott Wurtz began his studies in 1981 with Lomi Lomi and Shiatsu therapies. However, Bowenwork opened a whole new paradigm of healing when he was injured in 1994. Scott’s extensive training in Bowenwork, Reiki, CranialSacral and specific massage techniques expanded his ability to best support and empower wellness potentials.

Gary Scott Wurtz is the father of two young adults. He is a professional musician and teacher including operating Tune Tales, a professional children’s music education and entertainment business, for over 12 years. His musical passion is as an eclectic percussionist, fusing ethnic instruments in improvisational performances. He loves to learn, read, write, muse about our divine world, and meditate. Scott loves to be with children and nurture the child in us all.

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Sheri Pate says:

August 11, 2012 at 6:23 pm

Hi Scott,

Great meeting you at Esalen ITP conference weekend. Thanks so much for the Bowenwork treatment. Your therapeutic touch, almost immediately, provided me with relief in my ankle and sciatic nerve. The ankle still is much improved. Plus I have been doing the “kicks” for my hamstrings. Such an interesting therapy and your background and training is impressive; mostly enjoyed your calm and grounded nature.

As I mentioned my family is traveling to Seattle on August 20th. We would all (4 of us) like to schedule an appointment with you. Do you have any availability Tuesday-Thursday? Bellevue is closer to our location, as the golf tournament is at Snoqualmie.

Additionally, do you have an ITP meeting that week? I would love to attend your meeting.

Joyfully, Sheri

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