What Happens After You Leave the Office

The Bowenwork Technique is a specific series of muscle and connective tissue movements. Bowenwork begins opening neural pathways with the first two moves during a treatment. The short waits in between moves allow the brain to digest what is happening, and most importantly, begins to see the body in new ways. On skin level, what’s generally called the fascia, the neural receptors are prolific. Going deeper into the body, there is greater density and receptors are more profound and less in number. These deeper receptors reprogram slowly, generally depending on our physical make-up. An athlete with daily rigorous workouts will process faster than someone who moves less and isn’t engaging core muscles regularly.

When your practitioner asks you to gently slide off the table onto both feet at the same time, this assists in a bilateral message to the brain, “balance.” When you sit in the chair to put on your pants and shoes, and then stand up, it’s “balance.” Having your weight evenly distributed on both feet sends the message of “balance.” Just the thought is as important as the action.

Taking only brief warm showers for the first few days is all about integrating the neural signals in the body. The process during a treatment and directly afterwards, is called “cooking.” The fascia is less stable than the core of the body and it takes 2-5 days for specific procedures to settle in. You may even notice changes for many weeks to come, as your body shifts and changes in dynamic ways.

The “rest” phase of the body/mind connection after a Bowen session is vital. In the first 24 hours after a treatment, it is much like defragging your hard drive on the computer. All of the routines/sub-routines are checked, ordered, and finally aligned. This process removes the cobwebs (stuck places) not getting dynamic neural attention because a “bully” (other muscle group) has taken control. With any injury, illness or dysfunction, the brain immediately directs the body to compensate. These compensations have to be un-learned, and the “rest” phase is where this happens naturally. Even if you feel “supercharged” after Bowen, you must remember to “be nice” and let your body rest. Extra activity only confuses the neural processing center.

Walking can be a restful experience. Finding a quiet park, trail or beach keeps your mind more tranquil, and the walk is soothing. Walking exercises your body bi-laterally, which is a natural neural balancing system. Bi-lateral simply means both sides. Thinking suggestive thoughts like “relaxed and amused” can slow your busy mind. Water will assist your body to re-hydrate and drain away the toxins of normal body functions. Increasing the flow will bring luscious lubrication to the system, allowing for sustained vitality and enhanced mobility.

Bowenwork addresses every system in the body, internal organ systems as well as the musculoskeletal structure. These gentle yet powerful moves send neurological signals to the brain, which is then given time to process, returning impulses to re-align the body. Respecting this feedback loop is essential for allowing restoration of your body’s natural balance. The Bowenwork Technique will continue to integrate well past the next 5 days. Following the recommendations below allow the process to proceed unhindered.

During the first 24 hours:

1. Sit for less than 30 minutes at a time: getting up and walking a few steps is most beneficial. This is important even if driving…you may stop and walk around the car. Laying down flat to rest is great. Bowenworkâ„¢ continues to integrate while you are asleep, especially at night.

2. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet when getting up from sitting.

3. Gentle exercises and stretching are excellent: such as walking, yoga, Pilates and swimming. Avoid strenuous exercises.

4. Drinking extra water allows your body to expel built up toxins.

5. No hot baths (jacuzzi, hot tubs) heat or ice packs. A brief warm shower is best.

The week following a Bowenwork session:

1. We ask you to abstain from other therapies: Additional therapy disrupts your body’s neurological ability to change.

2. Continue to drink plenty of water daily.

3. Light exercise and stretching is beneficial. Avoid strenuous exercise.

4. No ice or heat packs, hot baths or hot tubs. Yes to brief warm showers.

5. Avoid caffeine (extra toxicity). Tea, vitamins and supplements are fine.

6. Please call us if you have questions about what your body is experiencing.

Follow-up Suggestions:

1. Return sessions support your body’s neurological system’s ability to change. Honor your body!

2. Once your body is balanced and conditions resolve, you decide when to schedule Bowenwork sessions for maintenance or if re-injury occurs.