Opening to possibility

What is it to be free from the constraints of the mind? Let’s look at the framework of time to see how you (your mind) are looking at the concept of time. Most likely there is a value you place on time to make your life be purposeful and focused.

This relationship with time differs for each person depending on their history. For me time has a malleability to it. Yes, I live in a world like you that is framed with sleeping for 6-8 hours, morning exercise, meditation, vocation, family, avocation and many other imponderables.

I still live in a world focused and hypersensitive to time and yet there are still timeless events in my life. My meditations take me into this delicious all encompassing sense of timelessness as I step out of my conceptual world and into a heart centered feeling space where I seem guided by another way of existing. I find the same thing with being in nature, playing improvisational music and other creative explorations.

I believe it’s natural and healthy to have experiences where time looses much of it’s value, like as an artist, creating art. When we choose to fully participate with the realms of times linear flow, there is a balance.

When my kids were younger and we had a busy schedule to attend to with their schooling, sport, and extra-curricular activities. Often I was the designated driver and we played this time game. We lived in the burbs of a big city and much driving into the heart of the city was required. The game was to guess how long our trips would take, so the three of us would all make a guess. I got so good at guessing and then being within the minute of our arrival, the kids would guess + or – from my time.