“I received treatment from Scott at the Boeing Golf Classic,outside of Seattle last August 2012. I not only got through the week, but two weeks later I felt ‘I definitely got some long term benefits in my neck’ where I have two bulging discs.”

-Steve Pate, Senior PGA Golfer

“I wanted to thank you for your treatment of my sciatica problem. At precisely 5:00pm (24 hours after I saw you), the pain floated OUT of my body, and I’m back to new. I sure don’t understand this Bowen Technique, but I sure am loving my results!”

– Kathryn, Woodinville, WA

“Following a car accident, I spent 18 months in chiropractic care for damage to my neck. Continued suffering from chronic pain and headaches was making me feel pretty hopeless. After only two Bowenwork treatments with Scott, my headaches and neck pain were greatly diminished and I am hopeful that I am on the road to recovery.”

– Kelly L, Edmonds, WA

“My experience with Scott Wurtz and Bowenwork has been life changing. After learning that Bowen techniques helped with various types of arthritis, I consulted Scott and began a series of treatments. To my surprise and delight, after 40 years my ‘bad knees’ have stopped hurting, I am able to climb stairs easily, as well as sit for long periods of time without aching knees. Walking long distances no longer results in knees and ankles that have to be treated with pain killers. The pain in my arm and leg muscles, which originated my research into alternative treatments, is completely gone, even though I regularly lift weights, swim and walk every day.”

– Catherine B, Edmonds,WA

“Scott is a gifted healer who gets amazing results from this profound practice. He has helped my wife with a chronic knee problem and I have experienced the dramatic physiological shifts this powerful healing technique produces. I highly recommend Scott for any ailment that might be affecting you.”

– Pete Weaver, Duvall, WA

“Scott Wurtz is a masterful healer. He employs a variety of sound, energetic, and touch therapies to assist in maintaining optimal wellness. I have benefited greatly and am grateful he is offering his services. In addition to the value I get from his work, he is a delight to be with!”

– Anne S, Seattle, WA

“I have experienced Scott’s experise in Bowenwork as superior. His intuitive ability to evaluate and capability to heal are second to none. I have highly recommended him to my friends.”

– Bob, Lynnwood, WA

“Unbelievable! is the only word that seems to fit my Bowenwork therapy experiences.Tuesday was even worse, for I could hardly stand, much less walk, by the time I got home.Scott came to see me straight away and worked with my knee. He also advised me on what to do that night, as well as for the days to follow. I began feeling better immediately, not 100 percent, but it was remarkable – so much better that I knew I could go to work the next day – and I did! I stand on my feet all day and I work 10-hour days; I easily made it though that day and the rest of the week was a breeze. I followed Scott’s home care assignments and felt better each day. He gave me another treatment the following week, but by then I was feeling totally better (and happy that I could walk and not miss any work). I have not had any knee pain since!”

– excerpts from Paul M, Edmonds, WA

“Scott is a Warrior of Joy! His presence is healing for the soul.”

– Bill B, Everett, WA