Investing in your Golden Resources!

Investing in your Golden Resources!

I was first drawn to Bowenwork after injuring my left shoulder in a significant fall. I was in daily pain and my arm was limited to certain movements, nothing above my head. A friend who also had an injured shoulder said I should try Bowenwork. I did! At first I was a skeptic. I did not understand how something so simple, given with what seemed hardly any effort or awareness, could heal an injury.

I was literally blown away with just four sessions. I now had my shoulder’s full range of motion back and no longer had to take ibuprofen on a daily basis to stay out of pain. How did something that felt like a light touch, initiate my healing capacity? I did remember how I easily I fell asleep during each treatment. What I didn’t know was that my Relaxation Response was restoring my injured muscles while I slept.

What is the Relaxation Response? This is when the stressors in the actual DNA strand turn off. Dr. Herbert Benson has studied this effect more than any medical practitioner to date. His books, The Relaxation Response and The Relaxation Revolution clearly create a case for how to best heal physical trauma.

What happens in your body after an immediate trauma? The body goes into what’s called the Sympathetic Response, which is Fight, Flight or Freeze. The adrenal cortex is activated and there becomes a neural pattern established in your body to protect itself. Essentially the trauma gets locked into your body’s muscle system until either the brain develops a new pattern (good luck) or some kind of healthy intervention (Relaxation Response) initiates a shift in the physical tissues. This relaxation process is called the Parasympathetic Response, or commonly known as Rest and Digest.

Please download my Relaxation Response audio on the website to begin practicing this technique. You may also email me at: to get the script of the audiotape and begin memorizing this golden resource for yourself.