Calm & Peace of Mind with Bowenwork!

Calm & Peace of Mind Restored with Bowenwork!


What is your leading cause of stress and anxiety?


It’s not hard to come up with a list, just to get started. Now add a recent injury, migraine headache or chronic condition and your head starts to spin faster and faster.


What brings relief from your state of stress?


Ah, a good nights sleep, a long peaceful walk in the woods, time out for a delightful book or even a close friend to talk with.


How about Bowenwork for your stressors and resulting anxieties?

I had a client come in recently who had a lot on her mind regarding some upcoming events. During the course of the intake she expressed a very deep need about her own self-care and ability to be at choice with others in loving and understanding ways. Now she was stepping out and her anxiety over this was full and present. Simply letting her talk and acknowledging her struggle let her begin to relax. As she slowly released her emotional intensity, her mindful presence returned. With this, the Bowenwork session began.

Over the next 45 minutes and a series of soft gentle moves on the fascia, her body relaxed fully and completely. The tightly wound bands had now unraveled. When she finally got up from the table, she was smiling and literally glowing all over. She told me how glad she was to have come to my office and what an absolute blessing the Bowenwork session had been. She said her Calm and Peace of Mind were restored.

I see Bowenwork as a way to enter your own personal oasis. Here you will find peace from life’s intensities and allow your body to shift into a place of healing and regeneration. Many clients say Bowenwork is magic and what I know to be true is how this unique gentle modality accesses your dynamic healing response. I say it comes in the back door when the conscious mind if offline to reboot, redirect and revitalize the body’s amazing life force energies. Better yet, when you can learn to witness the effects of Bowenwork in your body, then your own intimate connection assists your consciousness to pay attention in healthy and regenerative ways.

How do you unlock the will of the mind from running the show and overstepping its authority in the body? When do you let your body move you and orchestrate your most divine and gracious self?