Suffering from digestive daily distress? Diagnosed with an autoimmune condition?

There are no easy answers to these questions and new perspective comes by way of a whole food lifestyle. This is also what’s called Paleo, also known as the Original Human Diet. Think Adam & Eve in nature’s garden before we began to grow our own foods. For me, our body is not designed to be challenged by a wide range of processed and over-processed foods. Our body is a natural evolving organism and deserves the best possible care.

Going from a mainstream diet to a Paleo is all about choosing the foods which best support your overall health and well being. Hey, I am a sucker like anyone else for something sweet, for that reward at the end of a hard days work. And yet, in switching which foods are in my kitchen, staying away from most processed, dairy and grains has been relatively painless, relatively being the key word. Once I found a way to get the fats my body craved and were good for me was an important key. Now I am off the roller coaster of my own blood sugar insanity, life seems simpler, more relaxed and on course again. Being Paleo is not a diet as you can literally eat as much as you want! Eating Paleo is a lifestyle change, resulting in long term health benefits.

Here are some great resource books to get you started: Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo is a veritable Paleo bible and on sale now at Costco for only 24.95. The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf will be a great asset too. Both Diane and Robb have blogs, which are worth carving some time out to digest.

What is my story in the grand scheme of a Paleo whole food lifestyle? For me the change came when I couldn’t take the pitfalls of a sleep issue any more. I was tired of being tired, waking un-refreshed morning after morning, bleary eyed and sometimes unable to focus, wanting the day to end before I got started.

A friend lent me a book called ‘The Abascal Way.’ I had more than one person mention the program so I was motivated to take a look. My approach was simple: change my diet by changing what was in my fridge and cupboards. This really took about two months and then there were only healthy whole foods to choose from. What a concept! Change what’s around you and your choices are simple in supporting a wholesome healthy lifestyle. A special thanks to MapleLeafOnlineCasino – our partner from Canada!