Balancing Your Body – Balance Your Life!

Balancing Your Body – Balancing Your Life!

Scott Wurtz LMP, PBP and Nancy Clark LMP, PBP

What have you noticed about this compelling roller coaster we call life? Driving round and round, slowing up and throttling down! Do you feel your breath quicken as you anticipate the next plunge? While enjoying the challenges or taking a breather from endless action; do you allow yourself to notice, to live from your Being instead of the continual journey of Doing?

In today’s hyper driven world, taking time to find your balance may be challenging. You may meditate, find calming exercise, walk, etc. to de-stress. But when do you really check in to see what’s up; only when something breaks down? Developing active measures to gauge your body’s overload and over stressed signals is vital to support healthy, functional living. Our social and work systems seemingly and consistently demand more. How do you make the time and find an effective way of checking in for yourself?

Ultimately, everyone discovers a way, a system of realizing greater meaning and perspective. Scott loves to write. In his quest to be more in the moment, checking in, he discovered his passion in proprioceptive writing. He noticed a challenge was to get out of the drivers seat and let his writing be, allowing his body to express without conscious mind getting in the way. He quickly noticed how easy it is to label feelings in the body; a pain in my back; tension in my calf; my eye is twitching! He found when he applied earlier lessons he learned in college, visa vie, a walking meditation exercise, he was able to let go of labeling. This process freed his mind from its linear drive system (reasoning/ projection/reflection) slowing down the roller coaster to feel flow while his chattering mind softened. He applied the lessons he learned from walking with awareness to his writing. He noticed how our sense of being in control gets diminished, which allows us to not cling to labeling, opening us to release judgments held from past experiences.

When we move with speed not noticing our velocity, getting tripped up is a bit more common. Hence, an accident. Scott’s accident came with a dramatic fall and a shoulder injury. His shoulder became more and more dysfunctional as he pursued a year of therapy, exercising and swimming. A friend who had also injured her shoulder shared her positive results with Bowenwork Therapy. After just four treatments, Scott’s range of motion returned and his pain was gone! Six years later, when some soreness reappeared, he returned immediately to Bowenwork. One treatment was all that was necessary to release the tension allowing the soreness to resolve. His body’s ability to notice and implement change remained from the earlier Bowenwork treatments; allowing flow once again to return, naturally

During Scott’s process of receiving Bowenwork Therapy, he noticed a profound paradigm shift for himself. His ability to relax, noticing relaxation from the inside out, significantly changed. Instead of creating an external environment that induced and encouraged calm, he noticed his body awareness had shifted naturally to allow flow (relax). Instead of dictating to his body how to operate, he noticed that he had dropped judgment and conditions allowing his heightened ability to operate from a felt sense of natural relax (flow) to be supported. As his experience deepened with releasing judgment, just being in and with his body naturally was easier and easier. His habits changed as his presence in the moment to notice unconditionally increased. Natural returned! Ultimately he noticed that being with one’s nature, in nurturance of the physical body is reflective of balance. Ahhh!

Allowing and noticing balance in one’s life fosters and motivates us to willingly change habits. Changed habits heighten our awareness! When we notice our vitality returning, we want to naturally support that! We may feel genetics dictate what our life could be like, yet, science is uncovering genetics are simply our original blueprint of possibility. We would like to propose that the nature of Bowenwork Therapy supports and encourages our body to re-balance itself with that original blueprint as the guide.

Balancing Your Body – Balancing Your Life! We seem to take for granted our body will just keep ticking, running, rolling, not sensing when balance is beginning to be upset. Through therapy such as Bowenwork, we can attune to the greater context of our body and our Beingness. You don’t have to be in pain or wait and react when your body is in a crisis to begin the journey of allowing and noticing your body’s balance! Instead, act with intention to support your body’s natural point of balance; not trying to Do anything but Being and allowing your body to flow back to you peacefully!

Scott Wurtz is owner and creator at Wellness Restoration Arts in Seattle. Nancy owns and creates at Bowenwork Health Center in Marysville. Visit their websites at and for additional information with Bowenwork and the healing potentials it offers you!