The finger!

1. The Finger

When I was 23 years old I injured my right middle finger. I managed to put a splinter of redwood (it was barbed and large) all the way through my finger. A doctor at an emergency room in Marin General Hospital named Dr. Hand sliced my finger open and found the splinter went through the main tendon. Dr. Hand then informed me about what he was about to do which was cut through the tendon to extract the sliver. He informed me the general healing time for this type of injury to the tendon may take 6-9 months and I would need to see him for therapy the following week after the stitches came out. He also said there may never be feeling in that finger again. I was a professional musician and the thought of not playing music was depressing.

That night I went to a local Hindu Temple ( Saiva Siddhanta ) in San Francisco, CA where I was a member. A friend asked the monk in charge of the Puja (ceremony) if it could be directed at healing with which he complied. I placed my hand in the air as instructed and asked for a healing. My friends at the temple commented on how different I looked after the Puja. The next day I began working with a tennis ball by squeezing it gently with my injured finger. I was a musician at the time studying the music of North India, specifically the Tabla, a complex and intense process. I had been practicing 4-6 hours a day, now I could only practice with my left hand. I went back to see Dr. Hand and hew was totally amazed. He took out the stitches and found I had full usage and feeling in my finger.