Thoughts on healing

My thoughts about healing. I believe healing can be easy. I have had miracles in my life occur and have witnessed them with my clients. One interesting aspect to these occurrences, the ones that happen quickly, like within the next 24 hours, have a major energetic shift occur first. The ones that happen over time, while these have been chronic situations, they release slowly or the person notices that the symptom which they have had for years is suddenly gone. How cool is that?

My thoughts? The first things first thing that comes to mind is about how the person finally gets truly heard for who they are and there is no residue with regards to the affliction. There is no history, as in story, between me and them. I can take them at face value and then ask what is going on. Usually there is some major energetic relational piece that is in dysfunction. It is when someone can be able to see more clearly and take responsibility for something in a new way that the change in energy begins occurring. I totally trust my intuition in these situations and the weirdest things come out of my mouth, things I don’t expect or always understand and yet, they are so accurate to the person.

I was working with a client recently and the thought came up to ask them about whether the issue I was touching was a biological or energetic one. They can take responsibility for the energetic one, while the biological one they are roped into their belief system about what is possible. So……it has to happen on two different levels, one on the energetic about what created the situation to occur, not necessarily the actual event but what led up to its creation and then how they learned or chose to deal with it.