Sciatica and Bowenwork


As a Bowenwork Therapist I treat lots of chronic and acute pains. Sciatica has to be one of the most difficult for the average person to deal with. Here is one story: a client painfully limped into my office one day. She could hardly sit or stand. After a hour-long intake with a lot of personal history I looked at her and said in a loving way: “Did you ever have this pain before?” She stood for a moment and almost began to cry, then she said: “Yes.” It was at a time she was overwhelmed by everything and she had found no alternative except that of ignoring it until it painfully went away. At that point, for me, there was an incredible softening, like something deep inside had changed.

She went to the treatment room and lay down. There is a very specific treatment protocol for sciatica with which I followed. It is a series of moves with space (minutes) in between. An hour later she was fully relaxed and could walk without a limp although there was still pain. She emailed me the very next evening and her testimonial said: “I wanted to thank you for your treatment of my sciatica problem. At precisely 5:00pm (24 hours after I saw you), the pain floated OUT of my body, and I’m back to new. I sure don’t understand this Bowen Technique, but I sure am loving my results!”
K.L. Woodinville, WA