What is Balance and Well-being for You?

I like the part of the Karate Kid movie where the boy is learning to balance on a log by the ocean. In the beginning it is a frustrating nonsensical act and he keeps falling. As he develops himself with his abilities/awareness in karate, the balancing act becomes a meditation. How often do you feel in balance?

There are many aspects of who we are already in balance (so we don’t need to notice them) or haphazardly out of balance. How is your health today? The balance of your health & well-being is determined by many factors. Nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise are body aspects whereas relationships, career, job, emotions and mental stability are other important aspects of the mind. The operation of the brain; the endocrine system, the limbic system, the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system to name a few are critical roles of the brain.

Balance is also very relative. A baby has a uniquely body-sense of balance because the mind is developing. The senior who has learned and relearned will see the balance acutely tied to the mind, because of their established perceptions. When entropy becomes more of a factor for the elder they either learn to adapt or loose vital functions.

Well-being is probably defined in a gamut of ways because each person has a totally unique history and view of self. For some their well being is all about their physical attunement and what they can do, perform, participate in or otherwise utilize their fine tuned body. When the chess master Bobby Fischer took on Boris Spasky he decided to do his training for the game differently that ever before. He spent months in physical training for strength, agility and balance. He ultimately won the series, perhaps because he was more able to deal with the physical rigor of the game in how he felt about his physical worthiness. He was not fatigued by the long hours of concentration and sitting, his body was a reservoir of health and energy. Bobby had attended to his well-being.