Japan’s Nuclear Reactor Crisis and Undiagnosed Physical Dysfunction/Pain

Japan’s Nuclear Reactor Crisis & Undiagnosed Physical Dysfunction/Pain.

Japan’s Fukushima Reactors are in a deep crisis and most people have no idea what’s going on. Even the experts only have basic knowledge and are speculating what is happening and what can be done. When they can send in a robot to assess the damages, then they actually may know more.

What happens when you get an intense pain? I just want it to go away. Almost everyone will experience pain at some point in his or her life. What do you do about it? I suspect most of the time people will self-treat unless the pain is too intense and then they will see a doctor.

Most people that come to see me in my Bowenwork practice have undiagnosed pain. There is nothing wrong with that, although it’s just like the nuclear power plant, the operators are still in the dark. When I do an assessment I can see the physical & skeletal alignment and have a good understanding of what muscles are tight (hyper) or loose (hypo) and develop a plan to help bring them back into balance.

When the body is balanced skeletally, the myriad of muscle groups will function smoothly and naturally. A classic imbalance may start with the big toe. When the big toe becomes rigid and cranky, there is a ripple through the whole body. When one valve in the cooling system of a nuclear plant fails, it can be devastating for the whole system. When they build the plant numerous back up systems are what keep the reactor functioning and in balance.

There are times it is important to get a diagnosis and there are times it is better to stay in the dark. Orthopedic surgeon and author Nickolas A. DiNubile, MD states an interesting opinion in his book Framework for the Lower Back. Dr. DiNubile says regarding NOT getting an MRI his own back injuries: Because everyone-especially an orthopedic surgeon like me-knows there isn’t a surgical option that would apply to my circumstances. Hmmmmmm?