Back Pain got you down?

What are the most common ailments I treat with Bowenwork?

1. Back Pain – this is usually medically undiagnosed and has a wide range of symptoms and history. Generally there has been an injury to some of the backs muscle groups and when overworked or stressed, the muscle tissue gets inflamed and the specific area becomes dehydrated and the pain lives on, sometimes better, sometimes worse. Contributing factors: life stresses, overworking a particular muscle group, kidney imbalance, skeletal misalignments, digestive issues or poor circulation. Bowenwork address the body by bringing awareness to the muscles, so they can shift back into balance, effectively neutralizing hyper (tight) or hypo (loose) muscles.

2. What can you do to change the cycle of back pain? Being proactive is the very first course of action.

Staying well hydrated, especially when here is more life stress present (60-75 ounces per day of clean pure water). If you drink caffeinated beverages like coffee, black tea or cola, drink 4 ounces of water first. You will be less thirsty and the water will prepare your body. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it removes water from the body, like lots of water.
Having a simple daily exercise practice. 5 minutes a day of targeted exercise will do wonders. Setting up a session with a personal trainer can establish the key muscle groups and habits to pay attention to. Its amazing how just 5 minutes can change your body and attitude about what’s possible.
Practice proper alignment and body mechanics by getting onto both feet at the same time when you stand up, get out of bed, get out of the car or get up from a chair. It’s amazing how unaware I was until I started this practice. Now I don’t even have to think about it, it’s natural.