Crafting a Vision: What’s at the heart of it?

I’m freshly back from a weekend workshop that took me out of state, and that gave me time to do some deep thinking about what I want to create for myself and my work and my Bowenwork practice.

With a day and a half behind me since returning home, I find myself landing on some key insights, gleaned from literally all the collective experiences had between Friday and Monday, and all the people I spent time with in those days.

My first insight is all about crafting a vision and anchoring it with intimacy.  What I feel ever more aware of is how intimacy, the act of looking into another’s eyes while in a sacred space, having connection and speaking your dreams, is a potent way to fully anchor an intention, a dream, a vision.

I get clearly that for me it is all about how I am heard – seen and loved by that other person.  There is a magic in the process of how we speak our dreams to someone we feel safe with.  There is a kind of courage that comes from being so fully received and feeling truly heard.

I have tasted for myself and at times by myself the wine distilled from all the visioning processes and time which has been cultivated by my individual and personal attentions to the details of a vision.

Reading a book can give one great ideas and thinking but again, how is it anchored that it in time takes form?

You can go to talks and speeches and again, where is the anchoring?

This was a new insight for me after many years in my own personal development process.  I began this internal inquiry when a speaker at the workshop I attended, brought up a novel way to look at using what she called, the Chinese Medicine Five Elements Theory of Selling.  I began to compare it to the 3 modes of receiving: audio-kinesthetic-visual. I found some interesting and compelling connections, and that’s when the thought struck.  What if it is the intimacy of being fully received in our own mode (be it audio, kinesthetic or visual) is what further seals the deal?

Are you mindful of the mode that you operate from? And are you surrounded and supported by others who understand how you uniquely integrate experiences?

Mindfulness of how we process and vision and how those we are seeking to engage with us process and vision, becomes an important ingredient for me. Where there is connection and a sense of intimacy there is always more clarity and with clarity comes a multitude of good things—among them realizing what intentions and dreams and visions to focus upon with ease and elegance.

Who wouldn’t want that?

How do you best craft a vision for yourself? Curious to know…