What’s Running You?

What’s running you?

You were born into this physical world after spending nine months swimming in a warm fluid-filled environment. Now what? Each person has unique life experiences and sensitivities which are affected by how they feel inside. What does it take for you to feel rejuvenated while your sense of responsibility keeps tugging you to get more done? As a busy professional, time’s challenges may not feel physically or emotionally supportive. Remember those endless perfect days of summer as a well-loved child? Where is your island paradise where you feel the restorative powers healing and supporting your own wellbeing? It may simply be right in front or shall I say, inside of you.

As a natural health care provider people arrive in my office fixated on their sense of dis-ease. During and immediately after treatment there seems to be a neutral place where healing occurs. In the physiology of our nervous system this place is called the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) where our body/mind accesses a rest and digest phase. In healing our body from any injury, condition or simple stress pattern, I have found practices of physical/mental peacefulness allow for an ease and quickness of the inherent healing process. From a practitioner’s viewpoint: when our mind releases it’s hyper-vigilance (sensitivity overcompensation), then the body awakens deeper capacities and abilities for self-healing. In a natural health care understanding, I see the overcompensation pattern happening on two possible levels; physical injuries create specific neuromuscular imbalances (muscle length) and mental/emotional/life traumas/challenges affecting systemic balances involving organs and endocrine functions.

When someone changes his or her perspective (view of the story) a whole new paradigm of possibility (healing) can emerge. I recently had an experience where a facilitator led me through a physical visualization process. In the beginning I felt as though areas of my body had heavy gravitational pulls holding me painfully to the floor. I moved deeply into the awareness of my breathing, air flowing through my nose, sinuses, diaphragm and lungs. My body-mind concentration altered my previous perception of heaviness and then slowly, an overall sense of ease prevailed. I found for myself in creating safe harbors or neutral environments while being present, the stresses appeared to melt away.

What natural environments do you find create a calm, peaceful state of being?