To Autopilot or not to autopilot

In a recent reply to the Habit or Habitual post I found myself traveling down an interesting rabbit hole. What came up for me was looking at where I am at choice with being fully awake and present and where I am actually not paying attention. To clarify: the not paying attention is like autopilot (the mental doings), as opposed to the physical presence where our body brain(multidimensional self) is engaged and stimulating the thought capacity with well honed senses (intuition & body based sensations). This stimulates me to see deeper into my own choice of what and where the dysfunction is all about.  I see how when I create issues with other people, it is more about how I am dialoging (mentally) and not paying attention to the keen signals of my body.  Maybe its like a muscle I haven’t learned how to flex.  I think (therefore I am) being present and yet, I am more concerned about my own mental verbage/offering and I am not fully paying attention to the energetic whole of what’s happening. Interesting.