Throw out the Chocolate!

Throw out the chocolate! Don’t get me wrong, I really love deep dark chocolate and have for a long time. What irritated me enough to throw out a pound or so of really orgasmic chocolate was looking at the ingredients. The main ingredient was Palm Oil. I don’t know about you but I have read some really nasty things about palm oil. The big problem we have today is the Palm Oil Industry. It is big enough for them to pay off the scientists and doctors to say whatever they want. Palm oil has been around for a long time but the difference today is how it’s processed. Red Palm oil is much more natural and there are many claims about how good it is for you. I wish I really knew what the truth is so I could make an informed decision based on sound evidence. I went with my gut. The delicious dark chocolate truffles still sit in my trash can and are getting heaps of vegetable scraps on top of them until its actually time to take out the trash.

What is the main ingredient in your business?  Is it the service, the product or the educational component?  As we swim in uncharted territories with the “new” economy, there is a stirring disfunction with traditional business methods.   Getting the product to market has changed dramatically and there is no quick and easy fix to get the new wave running and working for you.  It is like the arteries of the heart learning to overcome plaque.  We all want to live long and prosper and yet, the old stuff has to continually be cleared away for the overall health to continue growing.  I like my chocolate and learning to stretch new muscles is the only way to stay ahead or at least up with the curve.


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