Habit or Habitual?

What is the difference between a habit and being habitual? My version is something like this; A habit is something we know we are doing (conscious) and habitual implies we simply keep doing it (unconsciously). I have a habit of brushing my teeth (conscious) and I find I habitually place my tongue on the roof of my mouth (unconscious). So then, what is the running (unconscious pattern) which occurs? When are you aware of your runnings? I began using the tongue on the roof of the mouth as a taoist practice called the microcosmic orbit.  When I recently certified to teach Qigong, I found this habit with the tongue was now habitual.  I was doing it all the time!   Sometimes this seems so simple and yet there is an astounding complexity between our awareness around habits and that which seems habitual.   It had to start somewhere and maybe it’s not a habit until it overwhelms you or someone else brings it to your attention that we become aware.