Unleashing the Power of Curiosity

Unleashing the Power of Curiosity

What does is take for you to stay curious? The power of curiosity is all about leaning in to what’s going on, not running away. The best way to stay curious is with the power of a good question, an inquiry. The better the question (the more it rattles your cage) the better you will discover curiosity.

Whenever I have been in crisis, major crisis, like a divorce, keeping the inquiry front and center makes all the difference in going forward. The good/deep questions allow you to be reflective, to gather your sense of self and perhaps what emotions are really running the show. Yes, staying in inquiry is uncomfortable and it is where you choose to learn and establish new patterns rather than hiding in the sand.

Staying curious is all about your creativity, unleashing the talent you have cultivated and experienced in a way that breaks new ground, gets you off your rump and back into the game. The inquiry then allows for a dialogue so you can glean new information and walk into the dysfunction you tend to run away from. Digging deep is the path of your own heart, learning about being unconditional with yourself. Surely this is an exciting way to keep life fresh and off the leash.

You have a special talent now one else has and this is the gift of your heart, of your particular perspective. This knowing gives you a second chance and enough confidence to face the storm even when it’s only in your own mind

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